Hood County Republican Club

Republicans from the Hood!

Republicans from the Hood!

Republicans from the Hood! Republicans from the Hood! Republicans from the Hood!

Our Representatives

Governor Greg Abbott

48th Governor of the state of Texas.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator John Cornyn

U.S. Representative Mike Conaway

State Representative Mike Lang, District 60

 1100 E. Highway 377 #105

Granbury, TX 76048

State Senator Brian Birdwell, District 22

1315 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 116
Granbury, TX 76048

What's Your Precinct


Republican Executive Committee Chairpeople

Chairman:  David Fischer  (817) 894-7099  david_v_fischer@yahoo.com

Vice Chair:  Lisa Koiner  (817)  894-9083  gloriousgranbury@yahoo.com

Precinct 1:  Terry McNew  (817) 408-5533  tdmcnew@gmail.com

Precinct 2/Parlimentarian: Todd Gathings (682) 260-3180   todgathings@yahoo.com  (moved out of precinct).

Precinct 3:  Open

Precinct 4:  Matt Eagle  mattheweagle80@yahoo.com

Precinct 5 & 6: Denise Lizun  (817) 219-2404

Precinct 7:  Kevin Andrews  (817-691-1152  kevin@lipan.net

Precinct 8:  Melanie Graft  (817) 676-3886  mgracing@att.net

Precinct 9:  Bob Swearingen  (817) 578-7424 sweabo@yahoo.com

Precinct 10:  Kim Cruz  (817) 279-2489  kdc196600@yahoo.com

Precinct 11: Open

Precinct 12:  Barbara Brasher  (817) 408-0906  bbndb@msn.com

Precinct 13: Tom Rickey (405) 820-1566 tomglenarickey@gmail.com

Precinct 14:  Mark Shackelford  (214) 545-7001  gamekingdfw@gmail.com

Precinct 15:  Open

Precinct 16:  Kay Crain  (817) 559-7032  kcrain1@charter.net


Find out all Hood county representatives and info here.

Stay Informed


Direct Action Texas is a political advocacy organization in the DFW area. Our focus is local with four main areas of concentration: government transparency, government ethics, public debt and civil liberties.

We have a single mission: to help the grassroots take action in changing local government.

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